Guy Leaves Fake Animal Facts All Over Los Angeles Zoo

California-based comedic genius obviousplant has lately pranked the public after an by distributing fake animal facts in the L.A. zoo. Not merely did he teach the zoo’s visitors about the way owls are regarding the TV series “Friends,” or penguins wear tuxedos, but in addition, he made the place far more interesting!

Heartbreaking First & Last Longer Of Pets That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Pet And Let Go

Anybody who has ever owned a pet will understand exactly how heartbreaking it’s to lose. But despite the despair that comes with having to say goodbye, it may not outweigh the joy that pets bring into your daily life. Sure your dog may eat your slippers from time to time, and maybe your cat pukes on the sofa every now and then, however, those are small prices to cover (well, depending on how costly your sofa is) compared to all of the sun that pets bring us.

Blind Kitten Twins Are There For Each Other From Day One

Two wolves showed up in 1 woman’s garden in Casula, a suburb in Sydney, Australia with their teenaged mother. The woman just could not turn her back, so she began feeding them. But she soon noticed there was something odd in their eyes they were closed though the twins were about 3 weeks old – they had been blind… The woman wanted to take care of them seriously but she had been in a tough fiscal situation. Fortunately, Inner City Strays rescue team agreed to take them.