Pieniny is a small mountain range in Poland, neighboring imperial Tatra mountains. It is famed for the lovely landscapes, sheep and Dunajec river. I have been there several times and have been attempting to capture such photographs for a couple of decades. Eventually, I took them! It is required to acquire perfect conditions, the fog needs to be not so large rather than too low.

One day earlier I have been there at dawn, the mists were too significant. After 3 hours, I left this location. I didn’t quit and that I return to the identical place although predictions were exactly the same such as the day before. Since I was late that I ran up the mountain and initially I felt a powerful disappointment since the mist was just like the previous moment. I opted to wait a few minutes. Later 20 moments I discovered that something little was looming in the mist. All these were spans on towers of this church!

Then I knew that shortly the misty spectacle will start. And that had only occurred. Fog covered and discovered different pieces of landscape and eventually small village seemed. This scene was magnificent and this morning was absolutely among the greatest picture searching in my entire life. This afternoon ended with a excellent fiery sunset. Enjoy!


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