Jameel Jacobs was a small town guy who had big dreams. His wife, Rebecca Jacobs, was a hard worker with no real job prospects in his country. Deciding to take a leap of faith the young couple relocated to Rebecca’s homeland thinking that they would find better employment for Rebecca. Jameel tells his story about the transition; “I love my wife dearly and I knew she felt terrible taking me away from home but wherever Rebecca is, that is my home. I just didn’t expect my life here to be so lonely. As a new husband to a citizen of the country, I wasn’t able to get work and Rebecca’s job wasn’t providing enough money for us to live comfortably. I was scared I would need to move back home as Rebecca suggested so she could worry about herself, but as a new husband the thought broke my heart.”

Rebecca was supporting her husband all along.

Jameel tried applying for work at private companies, ones he thought would hire him despite being an immigrant, but with his lack of business skill and his green card yet to be approved his future was looking dire. Eventually he would have to entertain the thought of flying back home and hardly see his new bride. That was until one day Jameel came up with a plan; “I decided to look on the internet to see if anyone from my hometown had a connection to someone that needed employees. I wasn’t lucky then either, but something did happen that day. My friend from many years ago suggested I look for support groups, that maybe someone out there was willing to help me in some way. That’s when I met Mike, an old man who would hire men in need and help him with his architecture. I came to be very close with Mike; we would sit and talk about designing buildings, draw up plans and admire building structures. He taught me so much and being an immigrant I never really knew exactly how popular his company was. He had great relationships with his clients and they too got to know me and not after long I was dealing directly with them from Mike’s home.”

Even though Jameel didn’t make a fortune then, Mike would help the couple when they were in need and Rebecca began to form a friendship with the older man. Rebecca fondly tells us; “He was an amazing man and I appreciated how he took care of my Jameel, we didn’t have to part ways and that was all we needed.”

Unfortunately, Mike passed away unexpectedly, Jameel relives the sad event and recounts the day he heard the news; “It was a terrible day, I not only lost a companion, I lost a father.” After a week of sorrow and worry about what would happen next, Jameel got an unexpected call from Mike’s attorneys. With no family and no children of his own, Dorothy bequeathed his small business and small fortune to Jameel.

The Jacobs’ new home.

“I couldn’t believe someone would be that kind to me after all the hardship I had been through. I decided to carry on with Mike’s design work and investors came knocking. Just over night I had made a massive fortune! I could visit my family and tell them of my good luck thanks to Mike. My wife and I will never have to worry about money again!”

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