Dreams are a potent source of inspiration.) Our fantasies act as a blender of thoughts, anxieties and needs with a bit of who we are. The songs we hear, the pictures we view, the adventures which leave a mark on us in our dreams, they come together to set us.

“The Wardrobe” is just one of those pictures that appear differently in my own dreams. Repeatedly sufficient to call my attention and needing to required it out and bring it into life.

With this job I needed to go as “organic” or “unplug” as you can. Finding new ways to make an image rather than based so much on the post. Do not get me wrong, I often utilize post-production softwares such as Photoshop to reach my objectives, but it continually be refreshing trying new practices. Is not simply a matter of doing things distinct, is also an issue of defining yourself.

Saying so, “The Wardrobe” isn’t a 1 shot picture. I did took a few pictures for latter mix them to make the last artwork. However, my aim was to achieve most of the effects and graphics for actual on camera. For that when I had a muddy background, rather than performing a mix, I moved on place. When I had fog, I utilized Dry Ice. When I had a historical destroy, I builded my ego, etc. Shortly I found itself doing things I had forgotten or I would never believe I may be in a position to perform, and needless to say, by doing this, it opened up a new doorway for me… One brand new door filled with new possibilities for invention.

The Wardrobe retains inside puzzles for you to find. I’ve opened the wardrobe doors and found mine.


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